Legal Services

Specialized legal advice in the field of International Civil and Commercial Law, in particular in the following areas:

  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign enforceable titles:

    Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments, foreign extrajudicial documents and European enforcement orders.
  • Cross-border debt recovery:

    Debt claims from/to different countries, domestic payment order procedures, European order for payment procedures.
  • Private international law:

    Expertise reports on applicable law and jurisdiction in cross-border matters.
  • International judicial cooperation:

    Advice on civil and commercial judicial procedure cooperation between Courts in different countries based on EU legislation and international conventions.
  • Cross-border real estate sale/purchase:

    Buying and selling property in Spain by foreign citizens/companies and property abroad by Spanish citizens/companies. Preliminary inquiries at public registries, drafting and monitoring of documents and legal support during the process.
  • International INHERITANCE CASES:

    Processing of inheritances with persons, property or rights in different countries, with the collaboration of trustworthy local colleagues in the domestic, European and international fields.
  • International contracts, conflicts, negotiations:

    Drafting of contracts between individuals and/or companies from different countries and legal advice in situations of conflict and negotiation, especially in the field of international agency and distribution contracts.